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Eclipse GEF Tutorial: Secondary layout for multiple children of a PolylineConnection with ConnectionLocator and RelativeLocator

In an Eclipse GEF editor I am developing, PolylineConnections can have multiple children (of a type extending org.eclipse.draw2d.Label). I’ve wanted them to be located at ConnectionLocator.MIDDLE, but they should also have a secondary layout, similar to ToolbarLayout (i.e., ordered in

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List of EMF Notification event types (event type name – int)

Just a very quick post today, which will hopefully be useful to someone other than myself as well. When using the org.eclipse.emf.common.notify.Notification interface in Eclipse GEF editors, more precisely in any extensions of Adapter or EContentAdapter (cf. respective tutorial at

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Dynamically calculating the position constraints for a figure in a GEF editor layout in relation to another figure

I’ve worked on the implementation of a GEF editor for an EMF-based model, using both the GEF book and vainolo‘s great GEF tutorials. The model consists of several types of nodes and connections, with different layout requirements for the display

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How to refresh model source/target connection “children” of GEF NodeEditParts

I am currently developing a GEF-based editor for an EMF-based model with the help of the GEF Book, and vainolo’s incredibly helpful blog posts. I had implemented connection creation, following vainolo’s post about connections, but in my editor, the added

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