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EclipseCon Europe 2012 – lessons learned

Last week I went to my first ever developer conference (apart from a local Eclipse Demo Camp for the Juno release): EclipseCon Europe 2012. It could be summed up in one word: GREAT! In the course of the conference, I’ve

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How to refresh model source/target connection “children” of GEF NodeEditParts

I am currently developing a GEF-based editor for an EMF-based model with the help of the GEF Book, and vainolo’s incredibly helpful blog posts. I had implemented connection creation, following vainolo’s post about connections, but in my editor, the added

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Getting started with the Eclipse RCP

Everybody has to start somewhere, and as a complete beginner in software development with Java and the Eclipse RCP, I have been, and still am, constantly on the lookout for sources of information. The following books and websites – in

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Hello world!

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